2. Symptoms for Detox

For most of us, there is no safe haven free from toxins and pollutants, simply because that the materials we depend on are toxin polluted. Foods, water, air, even the houses we live are possibly exposed to the different type of toxins, they are slowly but steadily releasing harmful substances. In spite of this the good news is that our body has the defense system to ward off toxins, or if the toxins successfully invaded into body, the immune system will try to detoxify them. The point is that body needs help and cooperation from us, unless we do some types of detoxification process, toxins inside body cannot be fully eliminated. A good detoxification program coupled with a healthy diet is an essential health tool.

Followings are some but not all symptoms that indicate a detoxification process is needed.

A history of heavy alcohol, cigarettes use

A history of natural and synthetic steroid hormone use.

If you have worked in an environment with exposure to cleaning solvents, pesticides, and certain drugs.

Unexplained headaches or back pain

Joint pain or arthritis

Brain fog or memory fainting.

Chronic fatigue or sluggish

Brittle nails and hair

If you have abnormal body odor, coated tongue or bad breadth

Unexplained weight gain, or weight loss

Rashes, pimples, or other kind of skin issues.

Frequent allergies, easily getting cold, running nose.

Most often seen symptoms and source of toxins

1. Constipation

Constipation is a major source of toxin in body; colon hydrotherapy is a powerful tool to use in coping with constipation.

Diet and lifestyle change can help alleviate this issue. A brisk walking for 15 to 20 minutes a day, eating foods with rich fibers, a lot of fruits and vegetables, plenty of water, are basic tactics of the strategy. More importantly, a sound outlook and life approach are indispensable in making efforts successful.

2. Headaches

A headache is an indication of body toxicity. The toxic load in the body has mounted and they are circulating with blood and lymph fluid. Having a frequent headache sometimes means that brain and nervous system are affected

There are many over-the-counter medicines available for headache; however headache drugs have side effects that include drug dependence. They should be used cautiously.

Home remedies, such as more rest, avoid the trigger foods, less computer and TV times, or skillful massage can help a great deal.

3. Acidic body condition.

Too much meat in diet can create an acidic body environment which weakens immune system and opens door to many digestive system issues. Acidic body condition can be corrected by eating healthy diet. Diet with no or little portion of meat, coupled with colon hydrotherapy, can re-establish the alkaline body condition and the gastrointestinal health can be restored.

4. Caffeine, Nicotine and Alcohol

Nicotine, caffeine and alcohol damage the nervous system and upset the vascular system, so symptoms such as headaches, edginess, and extreme fatigue may be expected. Coffee, nicotine and alcohol intake should be gradually reduced to avoid serious withdrawal symptoms.

5. Drug Toxins

In modern days, diseases are treated with drugs and supplements. At the same time, these chemical substances will become toxins in the body after they are done with the designed job, waiting to be removed. Everybody has to keep it in mind that very drug used, whether legal or illegal, leaves its mark upon the body.

Drugs that were taken even many years ago may reappear in the bloodstream as they deposit in the fatty tissues and the organs. Drug toxin elimination may express itself in a series of rashes as they leave the body through the skin.

Colon hydrotherapy can help skin condition by eliminating the toxin source in the colon affecting skin condition.

A clean colon is essential to health.




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