7. Skin Cleanse

As our skin is one of the most effective excretion organs, a detoxification program on skin cleansing is essential. When we sweat, heavy metal compounds are eliminated through the skin’s pores.

Research has shown that our sweat glands can perform effective detoxification just as regularly as detoxification in one or both of our kidneys. It is thus vital to ensure maximum skin detoxification so that the skin can help the kidneys indirectly but also effectively in the event of damaged kidneys.

Therefore good skin care is essential to optimum health. Even though skin care products such as soaps and shampoos may be cheaper, they are not recommended. When these chemicals are absorbed into our body circulation, they in effect add more “toxins” into our system. Most people fail to understand its ill effects because their liver is able to metabolize the toxins. Yet, there are some environmentally friendly people who experience great differences in their health when they use natural soaps and shampoos.

There are several ways to get rid of toxins through the skin namely exercise, sauna, skin brushing and detoxification baths, to name a few.

a. Skin Brushing. This helps the skin to remove its outer dead layers and keep the pores open. Besides brushing, one can try toweling off vigorously until the skin is slightly red after bathing. Thus, towels have to be changed regularly as they may contain toxins. For effective skin detoxification, good nutrition is also required. Since our skin is made up of mainly fats, natural high quality fats and oil are needed to keep our skin healthy. Two excellent natural oils are butter and olive oils which keep the skin in a good condition.

b. Sauna and steam baths. These are good ways to remove toxins from the skin and regenerate one’s health and energy. The sauna is a good follow-up to dry skin brushing because it ushes toxins out through the skin. The main thing to remember with saunas is to limit the time spend. Perspiration is encouraged but do not attempt to remain in a sauna for too long as too much heat can dry the skin which in turn accelerates aging.

c. Detoxification bath. Daily bath using natural soaps is essential. Take care of our skin using only natural oils and natural products is preferred. We also need to consider our clothing materials carefully as they can have a tremendous effect on our health. Natural fiber clothing is favored over synthetic fiber as the former can help eliminate toxins.

Another skin cleansing method is dry skin brushing. This is simple and relaxing. Try the following: Use a cup of baking soda or use a cup of Epsom salt or a cup of sea salt. Soak for 15-20 minutes and then scrub the skin gently with soap on a natural fiber. The water will turn murky and “dirty” within minutes as the heavy metals (aluminum and mercury) are excreted from the skin. Detoxification baths should be done once a week and maintenance once a month.







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