9.1 Water and Kidney Detox Function

In Chinese Traditional Medicine theory, kidneys function as the foundation of health, and they are of the congenital nature hereditary from parents. A baby receives the kidney function at birth, either good or bad, as a given.

Kidneys play very important roles in determining the constitution of the body. Some are born with stronger constitution, some are congenitally weaker. Individuals vary greatly in terms of physical features, health status, immune system functions and even mental capabilities. We cannot do much about it to bring a fundamental change.

Nevertheless, what we do after birth in our life matters much more than what we are born with. A healthy diet, lifestyle, sound outlook, exercise that are based on the scientific findings can cover some of the congenital weakness, and it is highly possible for anyone to lead a healthy and happy life

Kidneys have a property of Yin (Yin and Yang theory), with the characteristic of water. Water is essential to kidneys in their detoxification operation. Without plenty of water, kidneys will have a compromised function in passing the body waste out of the body. Some toxins will get stuck in the organ and may cause chronic renal problems over time.

Cells need hydration to keep its vitality. In fact, many symptoms originate from the dehydrated cells. We should have 8 to 12 glasses of water daily. Long-term consumption of sweetened or distilled water may cause imbalance of electrolytes and minerals in the body. Filtered, slightly alkalized water is most suitable for our body; another good option is to drink the boiled water.

Kidney is mainly responsible for the elimination of toxic waste products from protein breakdown such as ammonia and urea.

Detoxification of the body involves cleansing the kidney with adequate amounts of water and a reduction in protein intake (such as red meat) to avoid overloading the body with urea which is resulted from the breakdown of protein.



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