4. Anti-Aging Exercises

Anti-aging exercise includes three components, they are equally important to produce the anti-aging effect.

1. Flexibility Training

2. Cardiovascular training

3. Strength Training

It is well known that aerobics is good for the heart system, however, what is much less well known but just as important, is that flexibility training and strength training contribute as much as longevity as do aerobics. Above all, any anti-aging exercise program must be individually tailored to meet personal needs, based on doctor’s evaluation of the physical conditions. The program must include in a balanced fashion, all the three components mentioned above.

Inflexibility is an important component of physical deterioration and a critical element in any anti-aging exercise program. Often misunderstood and under-rated, most people go straight into an exercise program without warming-up the body and stretching the muscles. Many people simply don’t know the safest and most effective ways of improving flexibility and achieving anti-aging results that come with a solid flexibility program.

Some healthcare practitioners have well designed stretch exercises for clients to practice. Along with the prescribed exercise program, clients can consider general stretching exercises such as yoga, tai chi. The key fact to remember is that while there is no one magic bullet and no holy grail in stretching, those who do stretching, regardless of what form or modality, will benefit more than those who do not.

Yoga is specially recommended as the flexibility training. If no contraindication is present, appropriate yoga practice can produce multiple health benefits. It must point out that even though yoga originated in a religion background; its practice has not been related to the religious belief. There is certainly a spiritual side to yoga, but the one who practices it does not have to subscribe to any particular belief to benefit. Yoga is a systematic technology to improve the body, understand the mind, and free the spirit. Practitioners tend to be more flexible, stronger, more energetic, thinner, and more youthful, all these benefits are very much desirable in the anti-aging purposes.


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