6. Detoxing Diet

There are many different types of detox diets; detox recipes are available on the internet, however all the detox diets share the characteristics in general:

1. Detox diet should be a short term.

2. Avoid or minimize the harmful chemical elements that contained in the food. Organic or healthier food is a better choice.

3. Eat more food which can provide nutrition, minerals, vitamins, natural hormones, fiber or antioxidants that our body needs.

4. More toxins should be eliminated from body, the amount, frequency of bowel movements and urination should be increased.

An effective detox diet plan should result in the improved energy, clearer skin, better brain function, regular bowel movements, and improved overall health.

Detox diet is not for everybody, it is a must to have their health evaluated first by a health care provider. Pregnant or nursing women of children should not have detox diet. Things may get worse for sufferers of anemia, diabetes, kidney disease, immune system dysfunction, cancer, or chronicle diseases.

Side effects are often seen with detox diet, which include headache in first a few days, diarrhea, tiredness, irritability, acne, weight loss, or symptoms that require immediate medical attention. Benefits of detox diet should be carefully evaluated along with the side effects; obviously, the benefits should overweight the side effects.

Detox diet plans may be accompanied with diet recipes, diet recommendation, colon hydrotherapy, herbs and supplements. Depending on individuals; plan for exercises may be integrated.

Malnutrition, B12 deficiency or other health problems may show on people who are on long term diet program. For those who need, once or twice a year is recommended; a thorough health evaluation is needed each time before a start. Under the supervision of a professional health practitioner, a more frequent detox diet plan may be recommended.

Just consider detox diet as a health tool, with a specific goal in mind. Once the detox program is finished, the normal lifestyle should be restored.








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