Organs of Detox

Our Creator gives us lives, along with the five built-in organs to perform detoxification every minute to sustain lives. They are Skin, Liver, Intestine, Lungs and Kidneys, each of these detoxing organs has a specific assignment as what toxins they are capable to rid off.

1) Skin – excretes toxins through sweat, such as DDT, heavy metals, lead, some kind of pesticides, and toxins contained in food.

2) Liver – filters blood to rid of bacteria, bile secretion to rid of cholesterol, hemoglobin breakdown products and extra calcium. It also gets rid of prescription drugs from amphetamines, nicotine, sulfonamides, acetaminophens, morphine and diazepam.

3) Intestine – mucosal detoxification to rid toxins from bowel bacteria and excretion through feces of fat-soluble toxins excreted in the bile.

4) Kidneys – excretion through urine of toxins after they are made water-soluble by the liver.

5) Lungs – The lungs are the organ responsible for bringing oxygen to the blood. It plays the crucial role of the first detox organ to get in contact with airborne toxins, chemicals, viruses, bacteria, and allergens. The lungs oxygenate the veins to bring new oxygen to the heart for distribution while removing toxic waste like carbon dioxide from the arteries to be expelled from the body. A poor diet, air pollution, shallow breathing and habits like smoking all contribute to make our lungs less efficient and decrease its natural detoxification ability.

When autointoxification (body poisons itself) happens, and to the point that a liver cannot handle toxins from the intestine or other focal infections, including the products of necrosis of its own cells, transfers the burden of detoxification onto another organ, the kidney. Unfortunately, the kidney did not evolve to reduce the amount and kind of toxins that enter the liver or to detoxify them as efficiently as the liver. What toxins the kidney does remove from the blood often begin to necrose the renal tubules and eventual renal failure ensues. Thus, it should not be surprising that chronic intestinal disorders lead to liver, kidney, heart, artery, joint, and skin disorders as well.










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