Detox by Medical Massage

Detoxing massage refers to lymph drainage massage, which is a pumping motion done with the palm of the hand pressing toward the center of the body. The techniques are based on alternate pressure and release movements. Decreased pressure opens lymph valves, while increased pressure closes them.

Lymphatic system is a system of vessels and nodes (glands) supplementary to the blood vascular system. The spleen, tonsils and thymus are related organs; together they form the immune systems.

Lymph capillaries are small, thin-walled tubes that collect lymph from interstitial fluid in the tissues and from other lymphatic vessels. In structure the larger vessels are like veins but have thinner walls and more numerous valves.

Lymph is the portion of the interstitial fluid that is absorbed into the lymphatic system. It is composed of proteins, salts, water, and other substances derived from blood plasma. Ti is through this fluid that tissues receive their nourishment and building materials. Without lymph, tissues would soon dry out and degenerate. Lymph is also the means by which unwanted cellular debris, excess protein, and cell waste are flushed away.

Lymph circulation is vital to life; when it slows down waste products can accumulate and stagnate. This produces a feeling of fatigue, and normal metabolism is affected. The movement of lymph is maintained by the difference in the pressure within the lymphatic system, by normal respiration, and by muscular movements of the body in general.

Lymphatic system is a part of the immune system, which produces lymphocytes and other cells in response to the presence of inflammation, antigens, bacteria, and other cellular debris in the body. Specialized lymph vessels called lacteals carry away fat that is absorbed in the digestive tract.

A lymphocyte, or leukocyte, is a white blood corpuscle found in the lymphatic tissue, blood, and lymph. Lymphocytes are active in the immune responses of the body and play a major role in the healing of wounds and fighting of infections. They penetrate all tissues and are abundant in lymph tissue, blood, bone marrow, mucous membranes, connective tissue, skin, and all body organs.

Correct lymph massage accelerates the flow of lymph, helping to rid the body of toxins and waste material. Lymph drainage massage promotes balance of the body’s internal chemistry, purifies and regenerates tissues, helps to normalize the functions of organs, and promotes the function of the immune system.


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