2. Constipation

There has been a great health conscious awakening in recently years, tons of updated information and knowledge on healthy diet, lifestyle, supplements etc… flooded the media. Subsequently people live healthier, live longer, a new era in the medical science has just started.

Nevertheless, a good diet or supplement plan needs to match with an equally good plan for excretion, in which a healthy colon is a must. People can appreciate very much a delicious dish, but few would show concerns about the quality of the stuff after the good food is processed. However, this makes sense anyway, as nobody would talk about feces on the dining table.

Constipation is an undue and habitual delay in the evacuation of fecal waste and is a symptom of which some stasis must be assumed. There are a number of different types of constipation; the causes are various accordingly. While constipation is one of the most popular sufferings, it is such a difficult case in the medical science that has never been solved.

1. As the population is aging, the harm to health brought by the constipation is on the rise. Statistically, 30% of senior people are suffering from fecal stasis; they are constantly on the laxatives to clear their system, or their normal life will be negatively affected.

2. Constipation induced by a bad restroom habit. People under high stress, tend to suppress the need of going to restroom, the bowel movement becomes irregular over the time, resulting in waste accumulated in the system. Incidence rate is much higher in professional female than male. Working women should pay more attention as not to delay the restroom time in any ways.

3. Constipation caused by GI system disease. The underlying disease should be addressed first. In addition, long term use of medication can destroy the flora balance in the colon, which is one of the leading causes of constipation.

4. Avoid long term or excessive use of laxatives. Some medication has the side effect to slow down the bowel movement. Patients should consult with their family doctor to have the medication adjusted. Caution should be exercised that drugs for treatment of constipation may have paradoxical effect, which may further aggravate the constipation.

There are many different factors behind the chronic constipation, physical and mental. The accumulated toxins in colon are the source of many symptoms. Pain of unknown origin, allergies, skin diseases, acnes, foul breath,–just name a few. Adding more chemical substance into our mouth is not the best practice, but an overall change in lifestyle, spiritual outlook, diet etc… can be of great help.

Colon Hydro-therapy provides the benefits of a clean colon in just a matter of an hour. The open system brings a revolutionary improvement to the colon cleansing process. The open system uses warm, filtered water, with no synthetic chemical substance added. Human colon likes this natural approach and the side effect is minimal if there are any. With a little push of the stomach contract, the law of gravity takes effect, and the waste is excreted out of the body.

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