6. Colitis

Most of colitis onset slowly, presents as abdominal pain and diarrhea, sticky or watery stool, contains pus or blood, quite a few restroom times a day. Symptoms can be temporarily relieved after the stool discharge. If the treatment is delayed or neglected the symptoms will worsen and there would develop stomach bloating, no appetite, losing weight, and in some cases, patient starts to have low fever, or anemia. The symptoms may turn convoluted and possibly end up as ulcerative colitis and even perforation on the colon wall, which requires a surgery.

The chronic colitis is very much annoying. The recurrence rate will gradually increase, shifting between the acute or chronic state over the time. There are many prescription medications available; however, to get the medical attention as early as possible is a must.

Chronic colitis could possibly turn into cancer as well. According to the statistics, about 50% of the patients suffering from chronic colitis get cancer.

Using colon hydrotherapy to clean up the colon is certainly a good option to prevent or reduce the risk. However, ulcerative colitis or perforation in the colon is the contraindication of the colon hydrotherapy. A doctor’s prescription is required






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