Services Sessions Fees Content/Time Notes
Colon Hydrotherapy First time client $100 Includes: 1.Free Detox & Health Consultation

2.First time colon hydrotherapy 30/min
Please read free Detox & Health Consultation
Each session $100 45/min
Series Buy 5 sessions, get sixth session free of charge 45/min;

Service intervals will be based on careful review by therapist
One time pay for 5 sessions; sixth is free. Certificate is transferable and non-refundable
Acupuncture One session $75 40 to 45/min If needed, other modalities  integrated.

No fees added.
Medical Massage One session $75 40 to 45/min If needed, other modalities integrated.

No fees added.
Note: For time being, this clinic accepts personal check or cash only, no credit card please.
1. If client has health insurance plan with the acupuncture coverage, Colon Detox Clinic will contact insurance company on behalf of clients. The receipt produced from this office can be applied to flexible spending health plan, or health expenses deduction on tax return.
Rules for appointment:Client can schedule an appointment via phone call or email, time observation is desired.If 15 minutes late, it is possible to wait until the next client is done, but if situation allows, no wait is necessary.
Rules for re-schedule: Please give us one business day (24 hours) to re-schedule the appointment; but if there is an emergency, give us a call any time before the appointment time, we will accommodate it.
By request, this clinic will issue receipts for the company flexible spending plan, and the tax return deduction.

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