About Dr. Han

Dr. Han is a CA state licensed Acupuncturist and a I-ACT Certified Instructor.

Dr. Han admires the science, books, philosophies and so on since his childhood. About twenty years ago, he came from Shanghai, China to U.S.A, where he embraced enthusiastically the philosophy of the country, took the advantage of the opportunities this new world provides, and kept exploring the beguiling aspects of the life that had fascinated him.

Dr. Han is blessed so much that he has studied and worked in a few enticing fields which include Theology, Medical Science, Software Technology, Law, and Nutrition. During  which time, he spent 13 years working for prestigious companies that include Microsoft Inc. and Symantec Inc.

Even though Dr. Han’s life is colorful and productive, out of his strong aspiration and love for the medical field, Dr. Han has never stopped the efforts pursuing the achievements, acquiring the higher level of qualifications and experiences in the alternative medicine areas.

Dr. Han was born in a family with a rich medical tradition. His grandfather was a well-known Chinese Traditional Medicine doctor, specialized in difficult medical cases including the sexual transmitting diseases. His mother first worked as a Chinese Medicine doctor and later on as a school teacher, who loved and took pleasure in helping people with her medical expertise.

Dr. Han firmly believes that the value of the life mirrors not only in one’s self-realization but more significantly, mirrors in helping others with the knowledge and skills acquired.


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