Acu and Herb —AC00200TY

AC00200 TY Male, 80 yrs old A successful businessman

Due to many years of long distance running in earlier years, I got major joints worn out and received three surgeries: one on lumbar area (one lumbar vertebrate was removed), one on left knee (replaced), and one on right hip (replaced). After these surgeries, I had difficulties in moving around even in the house. The constant pain on the back and weak leg muscle after the surgeries made my body shaky from time to time. Life to me was no longer enjoyable. In spite of this, I had never given up hopes and kept pushing myself. I have never stopped working about 30 hours a week and doing exercises in the pool three or four times a week as doctor recommended.

My neurologist suggested that Acupuncture treatment may help me of my lumbar vertebrate hernia (L4 and L5). Even though I tried numerous treatment sessions with about 20 acupuncturists, unfortunately none of them solved my problem.

With the help from Dr. James Han, my back pain is relieved and vertebrate hernia problem is no longer there, which means L4 and L5 are back to the correct position, life becomes much easier.

The improvement of my health gives me the hope and confidence that I will live for over a hundred years of age. Dr. Han has promised that he would do what he can to walk with me in the years to come.

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