Acu and Herb —AC00100KK

AC00100K Female 60; House wife

I had been suffering from the back pain and scapula pain for over a year, until Dr. Han helped me with his medical specialties. Acupuncture and medical massage technique effectively targeted the affected areas. At the first Acupuncture treatment session, I felt the heat flow generated that runs through the injured left scapula and the pain was relieved right there. Just for first three treatment sessions, my symptoms got improved remarkably.

As for the lower back pain, Dr. Han needled the meridian points on both of the legs; however the healing effect was felt transmitted to the lumbar area which was believed the source of pain.

After about ten treatment sessions, my pain symptoms, along with the numbness of legs were basically gone. Since then I have been doing exercise as Dr. Han told me to stay free of pain.

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