Diseases treated

1.Pain Management

• Elbow pain, Low back pain/Tennis elbow

• Stiff Neck, Shoulder Pain

• Migraine Headache

• Sciatic Nerve Pain

• Sports Injuries

2.Digestive System and Enteric Diseases:

• Acute Fecal Impaction

• Atonic Colon

• Imbalance Physiologic Flora of Large Intestine

• Mild Colitis

• Diarrhea

• Diverticulosis

• Constipation (Long and Short Term)

• Hemorrhoids (Mild to Moderate)

• Intestinal Toxemia

• Nutrient Supplementation via Rectum

• Mucous Colitis

• Colon Cleansing for Diagnostic Study of the Large


3.Mental Illnesses

• Depression Related Symptoms

• Insomnia


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