Free Detox and Health Consultation

Dr. Han provides for first time clients a free detoxification and health restoration counseling , that covers clients’ diet, exercises, supplements, lifestyle, medical history, as well as mental and cognitive aspects. However, in any cases, Dr. Han will not touch prescription or over the counter drugs prescribed by a medical doctor.

Generally, the counseling takes 45 to 60 minutes. Clients need to give sufficient health information, fill the health form and answer questions. Dr. Han will introduce some broad and in-depth health-related questions and expect clients to answer honestly, which will enable him to deliver a sound advice. Dr. Han will also read clients’ lab testing report, if any, to better understand clients’ health status.

After a careful review on the information gathered, Dr. Han will recommend a comprehensive health plan, which will include plan for detoxification and health rebuilding. He will exercise his expertise in the alternative medicine, utilizing colon hydrotherapy, acupuncture, and medical massage as tools to help clients detoxify toxins in the body. If needed and as options, he will suggest the right type of supplements, vitamins, natural minerals, or over-the-counter medicine etc… to re-balance clients’ body environment.

Health restoration starts from a carefully formulated plan and a good strategy that addresses specific health issues.


















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