9.2 Constipation in aged people

Although people of any age can experience constipation, elderly people are more vulnerable to these unwelcome symptoms. As we are aging, organs are gradually degenerating in their functions; in addition, many age-related co-factors start to set in, resulting in constipation.

Based on the statistics, about 30% of senior population is suffering from constipation. There are varieties of reasons in a senior life that cause the slow or missed bowel movements. Diet, lifestyle, medical conditions, medications etc… are all risk co-factors, making constipation one of the focused issues in elderly people.

Individuals are different in many ways. One may have one bowel movement in a day and feels fine, while another is used to having three times in a week, that all depends their normal type of restroom habits. However, many elderly people share the same reasons behind the constipation which include drinking less water, loss of muscle tone and taking medication over years. The less active lifestyle and unbalanced diet also contribute to the GI issues.

The retired life does not mean stress free, elderly people may get stress of different kinds. The environment changes, age-related diseases and worries for family members are possibly transformed into the source of mental and spiritual stress, making senior people more vulnerable. Researches have shown that aged group is more likely to be struck by depression and mental illnesses.

Senior people tend to worry about their bowel movement more, which is not often seen in the other age group. If one bowel movement is missed, anxiety may be induced that makes the issue more complicate. Some may start using laxatives or other bowel movement enhancing supplement which will certainly work for time being, but they are not recommended for a long term use.

The rule of thumb is applied, in fighting with this annoying issue. Exercising the common sense is better and more effective than the any kind of medication in this respect. The active lifestyle, exercises, healthy diet and good life perspective is the key. Since constipation is not merely a physical discomfort, but a side effect of combined factors in an aged life, consequently it takes an overall change to combat this chronic issue.

Colon hydrotherapy is a health tool readily available for time in need. The positive effect of this natural therapy can relieve the concern in a matter of 45 minutes or less. Caution should be exercised that colon hydrotherapy should not be used frequently; the intervals should be determined by therapist. Unpleasant side effects may be felt if used too often.







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