Nutrition required in detox diet

A natural vegetarian diet is the best way to eliminate toxins from the body effectively. This diet provides fiber needed for stimulating good bowel movements and proper amounts of vitamins to nourish the detoxification organs. As most vegetarian diets are eaten raw, they contain a valuable source of enzymes, which cleanse and aid the body in eliminating toxins. In fact, an elimination of meat from the diet for a short period of time enables the detoxification process to be more effective because meat is difficult to digest.

A healthy diet is very important as it usually forms the basis for any detoxification program, be it herbs, cleansing or other detoxification programs. Detoxification diets generally eliminate trigger foods which may cause digestion and excretion problems. Foods like wheat (glutens) and dairy (milk, cheese) are often the cause of allergies. Sugar is avoided because of its “empty calories” and its tendency to produce insulin resistance.

Meats such as beef and commercial chicken that are grain fed are eliminated because they may contain hormones and antibiotics. It is wise to avoid caffeine (except in the form of enemas) since it has many ill effects on the body’s digestive system. Refined foods high in sugar such as white bread and trans fat (fat that is derived from hydrogenation of polyunsaturated fat and that commonly used to make deep fried foods such as French fries) are strictly avoided in a detoxification program.

Adopting a healthy eating lifestyle and diet is however easier said than done. There are many people who seek good health and will do their best to improve their diets. However, there are some who are not keen to make any lifestyle changes. They may make a few changes such as by drinking more water.

In summary, a rebuilding detoxification diet is essentially a vegetarian diet consisting of whole fruits, green leafy vegetables, legumes and seeds. Meat and fish are taken sparingly, if any. Organic eggs are acceptable in reasonable quantities. Foods groups are rotated every four days to allow maximum elimination from the body before another quantity of the same food group are ingested.



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