5. Bad Breath

Bad breath is not disease name, it is an indication that something is going on in the body. Mouth is the beginning of the digestive tract, and connects with respiratory tract. Digestive system and respiratory system disease such as digestive disorder, gastroenteritis, diarrhea and constipation can cause bad breath. Patients can have more or less bad breath. Unknown to many people, bronchitis, pulmonary infection also cause bad breath. Some patients with endocrine diseases such as diabetes may have a rotten apple smell in the breath.

Reasons that may cause bad breath:

1. Oral disease: gingivitis, parodontitis, teeth cavity, etc…

2. Metal toxin (such as lead, mercury) and organic substance poisoning, unpleasant odors release through mouth.

3. Cigarette smoking: chemical components in tobacco lodge in the lung, and get absorbed into blood. The mouth and lungs are polluted with nicotine, the offensive smell is released in the breath.

4. Studies show that the number of intestinal Escherichia coli in patients with severe halitosis (bad breath), is at least 200 times higher than healthy people.

5. Severe halitosis patients are found of 150 times higher in the number of helicobacter pylori (stomach) than average people.

6. Chronic constipation is one of the leading causes of bad breath.

7. Women in menopausal period of time tend to have symptoms, such as emotional instability, memory impairment, irritable, etc… The bad breath reflects the reduction of hormone level and the degenerating organ functions.

8. Long term use of medication and inappropriate application of antibiotics may change the flora balance in the colon, interfering with digestive process. The cell debris, metabolites, biological waste and feces are not excreted in time. They remain in body for longer time, get fermented and give off the offensive odor through mouth.

Colon hydrotherapy can effectively eliminate the bad breath caused by constipation and some gastrointestinal system problems



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