Three Stages of Detox

A good Detoxing Plan is generally divided into three phases: 1. cleaning up toxins in the system; 2. rebuilding the health; 3. maintaining the health. Those who are having lighter symptoms of intoxication can do the first phase of detoxing on their own, which is cleaning up the system. The most widely used method is fasting. Although fasting once or twice a month is an effective way to excrete the toxin accumulated in the body, a considerable number of people should not use this method, simply because they have health conditions, and fasting will not do anything good but only further weakens their health. A fasting plan should be carefully laid out, having the overall body situation evaluated, with or without the help of the professional health practitioners. Please read the “Home Therapy” article for the tips of the fasting preparation.

When needed, fasting can be combined with the skin clean technique which can effectively remove the toxins discharged through the skin. People who have an urgent need of detoxification, is optioned to do intestinal cleansing by colon hydrotherapy, which is quick and straightforward that can immediately clean up the waste in the large intestine and effectively remove the major source of toxin in the body.

After a period of time doing colon hydrotherapy based on the carefully formulated plan, an assessment by a professional colon hydrotherapist is needed before the start of the second phase of detoxification. The rebuilding of the health has a lot to do with the healthy diet. As a principle, the food we eat everyday should be of variety and should largely consist of the fresh whole grain food. No or very small amount of refined food that contains trans fats, sugar or dairy products. Fried, smoked, fire grilled recipes should be avoided. Less red meat in the diet, but deep water fish is recommended which is a good source of nutrition.

Eastern Mediterranean diet is medically suggested which contains a lot of antioxidants that helps reconstructing of health.

Different detoxing methods have different targets, however, all the plans should take into account the five considerations of the adequate amount of nutrient, water, exercise, rest, outdoor sunshine and fresh air, with the additions according to the specific needs.

A detoxing meal plan should be targeting the reconstruction of the immune system that requires adequate, well balanced nutrition. Meanwhile, the food should be delicious, nicely prepared, catering to the individual preference.

Next is how to maintain the health restored, a fundamental lifestyle change is a necessity, along with the improvement of outlook of the life. Many people tend to neglect the mental needs, the needs of spiritual detoxification. On the top of the five principles mentioned above, appropriately using the natural supplements is recommended to supply the trace minerals, vitamins, natural hormones, basic nutrition that cannot be obtained from diet. The combination of the effects also slows down the aging process.

More importantly, the attention should be directed to the detoxing system. Without a healthy digestive system and a normal colon function, the nutrition taken will turn into toxins after it finishes the tasks in our body. The by-products, metabolites must be excreted from the body in a timely manner.


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