Non-Laxative Preparation For Colonoscopy

Two Sessions of Colon Hydrotherapy+Clear Liquid Diet

Colon cancer is the second leading cancer in USA now, early detection and early treatment is the key. Everyone age 50 or above is encouraged to have colonoscopy, the effective way to prevent and treat the potential or current colon diseases. Colon cancer develops from the polyps in the colon, which can be removed in the colonoscopy process. Experts say that if there are no polyps in the colon, people will never get colon cancers.

While the process of colonoscopy is not a problem, getting prepared for the colonoscopy is very much a headache. Clients have to take time off from work on the prior day, taking laxatives, having a lot of restroom times etc…, along with other requirements. Many people, especially senior citizens are avoiding the colonoscopy just because of the unpleasant preparing process which may trigger existing illness such as kidney failure. Avoiding colonoscopy is one of the reasons as why the number of colon cancer patients has been rapidly increasing in the recent years. (ascending from number 3 to number 2 of the leading cancer).

Colon Detox Clinic uses the FDA registered medical equipment open system(class II). The intended use of this device is to perform colon cleansing when medically indicated, such as before radiological or endoscopic examinations. Clients’ dignity and privacy are respected and protected. No laxatives, no pain or odor is involved. Users may bring their helpers to assist in the process. Colon hydrotherapy is truly a pleasant and relaxing process for health conscious people.

Once gets registered at Colon Detox Clinic, a client will be given a detail instruction. However, Colon Hydrotherapy has contraindications, clients are encouraged to talk to their doctor first.

KTVU TV News reported that some US hospitals have started using colon hydrotherapy as the better way to get patients adequately prepared for colonoscopy. Following links are for more information:

1.  KTVU TV News Link

2. Testimony from the President of American Society for

Dr. Han is a doctor in Oriental Medicine and an Acupuncturist. He integrates colon hydrotherapy in Colon Detox Clinic, to promote the healthcare of local communities. Please check the following link for his specialities.

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