Mission Statement                         

 Colon Detox Clinic is committed to improving the healthcare of the local communities. With the combination of the oriental medical theory and the treatment of acupuncture, nano-supplements, colon hydrotherapy, medical massage and herbal medicine, colon detox clinic provides a unique medical help to patients of cancers, low back pain, depression, colon diseases, etc….

In this polluted living environment, the sources of the toxins are found in all the materials that have chances to contact the human lives. That include antibiotics and fertilizer contained meat and vegies; chemical substance permeated products, prescription or non-prescription drugs; radiation waves from computers and TVs,  etc…… the list can go very long. Those toxins are subtly but steadily invading our body systems, doing harm to our immune system, messing up our digestive system, increasing burdens to liver, and quickening our ageing process. Stress from work or family is also contributing to the problems, of which insomnia is the one of the indications.

Consequently, constipation, Imbalance of the gut flora, body detoxification, weight loss, skin tone improvement, facilitating life quality of cancer survivors have become more pronounced tasks than ever. The illnesses are the byproducts of our modern society and the contemporary life style.

Colon hydrotheray is not cure all but a powerful health enhancing tool. The equipment this clinic uses is FDA certified, category 2 medical equipment. Colon Detox Clinic integrated this tool to address the healthcare needs, especially colon diseases faced by all the age group. The efficacy has been undoubtedly proven in the clinic activities.

In the light of great potentials of the Colon Hydrotherapy, Dr. James Han, the founder of the Colon Detox Clinic started to utilize the qualification of the I-ACT certified Instructor of Colon Hydrotherapy, to train like minded people to become a Colon Hydrotherapist, which will bring the trainees the good income and the sense of fulfillment as well.

International Colon Hydrotherapy Training Center is an affiliated organization to I-ACT, all the graduates will obtain the certification and the membership of the I-ACT.

Today, licensed massage therapists, licensed estheticians, licensed acupuncturists, retired teachers, job seekers have been trained and become certified colon hydrotherapists. Like those candidates applying for the enrollment of University of Chinese Traditional Medicine, the enrollment of of this training program does not require the medical background, students can be trained and learn the medical knowledge in the class room, as well as in the internship.

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